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SUPERSHOOTER is a thing I've been making in my spare time focused on explosions and insane weapons. The map is randomly generated each play through and so is your weapon. I really want it to be an actual thing, so, here it is, it isn't done yet, hopefully I'll get it done. Download it for free now because why not.

Current features :
  • Explosive Gameplay
  • Random Weapons
  • Random Map
  • Two Different Enemy Types (soon to be three)
  • 4 different weapons (one more to come soon)
  • Fun For All The Family

Latest Update notes(04/08/15) :
  • Bullets Come Out Of Correct Place
  • Lots Of New Sprites
  • Revamped Dual Wielder
  • Rebalanced Guns
  • Turrets Aren't Stupid Anymore
  • Rebalanced Enemy Spawning
  • Pistols Are A Lot More Common
  • Added Fun

Quick Patch Released(06/08/15)

  • Fixed MiniGun Bugs

Planned features :

  • More Gun Types
  • More Characters With Special Abilities
  • Some Sort Of Music
  • Online And Local Multi-player(no guarantees)
  • Lighting of some sort(also no guarantees)
  • Multiple themes, each with different enemies and weapons
  • Bosses
  • Leader Boards (hopefully, no guarantees)

Follow us on twitter @InsideBrackets and @FrostPunchJesse for updates and stuff.


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